David Martin

About David Martin 

Spring 2004 I was presented with an opportunity to apply for a small tech job at a local coffee roaster that involved repairing espresso machines and other coffee equipment. Intrigued and hungry, along with decent auto technical skills, I felt I had a good chance in landing the job. But my true my ace-in-the-hole was my sister, who was a current employee at the time. I was also confident this small, San Diego based, "mom & pop" coffee roaster was the perfect environment for me to take on the challenge of learning an almost unknown, yet lucrative craft. Not having had more than 5 cups of coffee in my life prior to that April day, 2004, I began my accent into the growing world of coffee–I was hired on the spot during my interview which ultimately led to my new love affair with fresh gourmet coffee.

After 4 years of devoted duty, a few burns & bloody knuckles (followed by verbal lashings), I decided it was time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. All that I acquired as a coffee technician had run its course––my skills were maxed-out at this job.  I still loved coffee, but I knew I had to broaden my horizon if I were to reach the success I know I could.  

In 2008 I made the choice to move on (meanwhile the economy was on the verge of collapse) to start a business. I made the decision to jump ship simply because I knew I was destined for something more, something bigger, and something grand.

In a two year span, after my destined move, I managed to dabble in community college, partake in a partnership, work part time jobs and persevere through some health issues. Basically I had a two year wrestling match with indecision and naysayers; however, I had not lost sight of my ultimate goal.

It wasn't until spring 2011 that I did some serious soul searching and asked myself... What am I good at? What do I love to do? What am I passionate about?...I knew the answer almost immediately and the answer of course was coffee! And I also knew a person with my skill and experience was still very much in demand in the ever booming coffee industry.

May 2011 Express Fix was born.

Today in 2012 I am now the happy owner and founder of Express Fix: Coffee Equipment Specialist. I love what I do. I love to help customers keep they're espresso machines cranking out dollars. I love keeping people caffeinated.